Coating floors for any purpose

Durable and wear-resistant coating floors for any purpose. For those who are looking for a modern floor with an industrial look.

Need a factory floor? Try a coating floor!

Any factory floor needs to be able to meet hard demands. A coating floor will fulfil these demands: it is super strong, wear-, chemical- and acid-resistant.

Coating floor: the ideal industrial floor

An industrial floor needs to be able to withstand some heavy loads and resist acids or chemicals. Our coating floor will fulfil all of your demands and then some.

Industrial coating floor: indestructible!

Our coating floor is especially suitable for an industrial floor. It is super strong, resist chemicals and acids and will last many years.

Need an indestructible office floor? Try an epoxy floor!

Have you ever considered an epoxy resin floor for you office? Epoxy floors are super strong, easy to maintain and customised so it will match your interior design perfectly.

The perfect office floor: a coating floor

Your office does not only need to be a practical place, but also requires a certain appeal. For a coating floor that will fit your demands perfectly, we will not let you down.