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Floor coating for your showroom floor

Our floor coatings give your showroom floor a maintenance-friendly and durable top coating and provide your showroom with a professional character.

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Transparent floor coating

Have you found the cast resin floor you have always dreamed off? Protect it with our transparent floor coating in order to preserve its beauty.

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Floor coating for an industrial floor

Protect your industrial floor with one of our floor coatings and dirt, chemicals and liquids will no longer affect your floor.


Floor coating

Our floor coating provides you with the comfort of a cast resin floor for a reasonable price. This floor coating will act as an extra durable top coating so your floor will last even longer.

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Floor coating for your shop floor

Your shop floor needs to look clean and be easy to maintain. Our floor coating provides you with what you need and can be fully customised to match your shop's interior and character.

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Floor coating as a company floor

Preserve your company floor for as long as possible? Our floor coating will protect your floor for a reasonable price.