industriele bedrijfsvloeren

Industrial company floor

An epoxy company floor is very suitable for industrial flooring. They are super strong, safe under any circumstance and suitable for extreme heavy loads.

industriele vloeren

Industrial floors

The industrial floors of Coating Floor & Company can cope with extreme heavy loads; mechanical, thermal and chemical.

industriele antislip vloer

Industrial anti-static floor

The strong and durable industrial skid-proof floor of Coating Floor & Company is safe to walk on both in wet and dry conditions and will not give you any problems.

voorbereiding industriele vloer

Preparing an industrial floor

An industrial floor cannot be applied on any random surface. The people of Coating Floor & Company will make sure your subfloor is properly prepared.

epoxy industrie vloer

Industrial floor

An industrial floor of Coating Floor & Company is extremely tough. In addition, it is very easily maintained and durable which means it will stay in pristine condition for many years.

industrie vloer

Industrial floor

A resin industrial floor is very easily maintained. You can even incorporate routing information into your company's interior by choosing colour coding or routing arrows.