Office floor

A cast resin floor is suitable for an office floor due to the durability and the ease with which it can be maintained. For each office, there is perfectly matching cast resin floor.

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Company floor

A cast resin floor of Coating Floor & Company will give your company's interior a modern and professional character. The perfect company floor due to its durability and easy maintenance.

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Transparent floor coating

A transparent floor coating will give your office space that modern, industrial feeling, especially when it is applied over a bare floor underneath.

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Gravel floor

A gravel floor or decorative gravel floor will give your office space that little extra spark. This floor will give any office space a unique look and will get the character just right.

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Office floor

Do you need an office floor that will match your interior perfectly, feels comfortable and is easy to maintain? Try a Coating Floor & Company's floor.

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Floor coating

The floor coating will provide your office floor with an extra strong and protective top coating. The floor coating can be provided in any colour or combination of colours of your choosing.