Base epoxy resin
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Base epoxy resin

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check Ideal for laminating, gluing and putty
check Please note: this epoxy resin is yellowing
check Cheapest variant epoxy resin

Most standard 2-component, solvent-free epoxy resin. A good basis for many projects.

Putty based on Basic Epoxy resin

Making an easy to sand lightweight putty based on Basic epoxy resin in combination with the white microballoons.

Glue paste or wood glue based on Base Epoxy resin

Base epoxy resin can also be mixed with various fillers to obtain a desired mass. With cotton fiber you make a strong wood glue and with Sylothix an extremely strong glue paste for many different applications.

Lamination with Basic Epoxy Resin 

Base epoxy resin can also be used for lamination. When carbon fiber (carbon) is used, it is better to choose the fast or slow Universal casting resin because it contains a UV filter, especially given the beautiful appearance of the carbon. For glass cloth lamination where there is usually  is chosen to provide the final coat with a coat of paint, the lack of a UV filter (and therefore a yellowing epoxy resin) does not matter and it even makes your project a bit more pleasant in price. 

Product Features

  • Shiny appearance
  • Seamless and liquid-tight
  • Simple application
  • Anti-crater additive
  • Good venting
  • Increase wear resistance by adding sand
  • Solvent-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Good coverage
  • Good mechanical load capacity

2-component, solvent-free primer based on epoxy resin.


Flow Resin

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