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Epoxy Primer X400 Moisture barrier
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Epoxy Primer X400 Moisture barrier

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The Primer X400 is a 2-component solvent-free epoxy primer with excellent adhesion. A transparent 2-component epoxy resin with a wide range of applications. Suitable as a primer under floor coatings and cast floors. Can be used on mineral substrates such as concrete, cement and anhydrite. This epoxy resin is suitable as an impregnation, primer, adhesive primer, scraping layer, leveling layer and for making trowel mortars, repair mortars, casting layers, scatter layers, wear layers, anti-slip layers. Also ensures proper pre-treatment of the substrate.


Primer X400 is a universal adhesive layer that can be used under almost all systems and on many surfaces. This primer can also be used as a moisture barrier.

You can use the Primer X400 for, among other things:

  • Houses
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Production areas
  • warehouses
  • Garages
  • parking garages
  • Galleries
  • Workshops

Features & Appearance

Our Primer X400 is an easy to apply, bonding primer suitable for many substrates. The first layer should always be closed and film-forming. Use a minimum of 500 g/m2 for concrete and a minimum of 700 g/m2 for anhydrite and sand cement. High gloss and filler translucent epoxy primer.

Recommended Systems – Epoxy Floor Coating System

  • 1st layer Primer X400 – EP Moisture barrier
  • 2nd layer Epoxy floor coating HQ
  • 3rd layer Epoxy floor coating HQ (optional)

The Primer X400 can also be used as a primer for various cast floor systems.


A sleek subfloor is an absolute requirement for a sleek and high-quality end result. For repairs to the subfloor, use Epoxy repair mortar and/or Epoxy putty . If you want to level out the floor, this can be done with Epoxy Scratch Coat HQ . If you want to level the floor, you can do this with Leveling .

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