Greenspeed Glove Scrub green/blue
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Greenspeed Glove Scrub green/blue


Greenspeed Scrub glove, 16 x 24 cm, green/blue, double-sided glove. Side 1: 100% microfiber, side 2: 70% microfiber and 30% polypropylene. Effective cleaning of dried and caked-on dirt.

Glove Scrub for cleaning and removal of stubborn dirt without damaging the surface

  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • Scrubbing effect due to blending of microfiber and polyester
  • Flexible application
  • Efficient use thanks to color coding.
  • Will be delivered per piece


  • Before first use, wash the glove once in the washing machine.
  • After use, wash the glove in the washing machine. We recommend washing the cloth at 60° C with a detergent for colored fabrics.

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