Remmers Betofix RM


Fast repair mortar.

■ Retention of concrete sections with rough surface, where there is no static and dynamic loading
■ Repair of holes, cracks, pores, imperfections and damage
■ Plastering for concrete surfaces.
■ Mineral corrosion protection for rebar (in combination with S-Protect M)


■ Certified according to EN 1504-3
■ Filzable and to putty
■ Easy overhead handling
■ Tension-free and crack-free pavement
■ Compressive strength after 28 days> 10 N/mm2
■ Resistant to frost and road salt


Approximately. 1.2 kg/m2/mm layer thickness

For more detailed product and safety information on Betofix RM, see the “Downloads” section above.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
KGS packaging

25.00 kg




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