Mapei Elastocolor Primer 10KG
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Mapei Elastocolor Primer 10KG


check Excellent insulation and good adhesion
check Fixation of powdery and dusty substrates
check Priming of new concrete surfaces


  • Fixing powdery and dusty substrates, such as cement plasters and concrete surfaces, before they are painted with Elastocolor Paint.
  • Protection of the still wet surface of repair mortars from the Mapegrout line from rapid evaporation of the mixing water by sun and wind. Application examples
  • Retention of surface dust by impregnation of absorbent surfaces, such as cement and lime based plasters, asbestos cement slabs and concrete slabs.
  • Prime concrete surfaces repaired with products from the Mapegrout line before leveling with Elastocolor Rasante or painting with Elastocolor Paint.
  • Priming of new concrete surfaces, before they are possibly leveled with Elastocolor Rasante or painted with Elastocolor Paint.
  • Paintable directly with Elastocolor Paint to protect the still wet surface of plasters and repair mortars against rapid evaporation of mixed water, which can lead to cracking in the plastic phase, especially on very hot and windy days.


Elastocolor Primer is a ready-to-use fixative based on synthetic resins in a solvent, according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s research laboratories. Thanks to its properties, Elastocolor Primer easily penetrates the absorbent substrate and provides excellent insulation and adhesion to the paint to be applied. Used as a post-treatment agent on still wet surfaces of repair mortars from the Mapegrout line and cement and lime-based plasters, Elastocolor Primer does not need to be removed first in order to apply Elastocolor Paint, as it does not adversely affect the adhesion of the paint to the substrate. If Elastocolor Primer is used as a fixative on already cured surfaces, it can be painted with Elastocolor Paint after 5-6 hours (at +20 °C). However, if the product is used as a post-treatment agent, then a minimum of 3 weeks should be waited before the surface can be painted. Elastocolor Primer complies with standards UNI 8657 and UNI 8658 for post-treatment products.


Used as a fixative before painting Prepare the substrate The surface to be treated with Elastocolor Primer must be completely clean and solid. Remove all dirt, dust, grease, oil and salt deposits by dry or wet grit blasting or simply using a pressure washer. Oil and grease can be removed excellently with hot water or steam. Then allow the substrate to dry completely. Preparation of the product Elastocolor Primer is ready for use. Application of the product Elastocolor Primer can be applied by the usual techniques: by brush, roller or sprayer. One coat is sufficient for efficient impregnation. Then the paint must be applied to the dry layer of Elastocolor Primer. Preparing the surface Before applying Elastocolor Primer, the surface of the fresh mortar must be finished with a smoothing board. This eliminates unevenness and creates a texture to which Elastocolor Paint can then be directly applied. Preparation of the product Elastocolor Primer is ready for use and must therefore never be diluted with solvents. Application of the product Apply Elastocolor Primer evenly with a hand pump or compressed air pump immediately after smoothing. Cleaning Brushes, rollers and spray tools can be cleaned with turpentine before the product is dry.


Used as a fixative: 100-150 g/m2, depending on the porosity of the substrate. Used as a post-treatment agent: 110-150 g/m2.

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