Transparent floor coating package


check One package is sufficient for 15m² **
check Price shown is for 2 layers
check Transparent appearance
check Very good resistance to high loads and chemicals

Want to lay a clear floor coating yourself? Thanks to this package you get the necessary materials at home. Measure the surface of your room and easily order the appropriate number of packages. Package contents:

1 package contains enough material for 15m2.

The package contains the following materials:

  • 1st layer of Floor Coating Transparent | consumption 0.15kg/m2**
  • 2nd layer of Floor Coating Transparent | consumption 0.5kg/m2**
  • 3rd coat of PU Strong Topcoat Transparent | consumption 0.15kg/m2**

** The quantities are based on average consumption and depend on the substrate.

How many packs should I order for my space?

Each package contains enough material for 15m².

With the calculation below you can easily calculate how many packages you need for your project! (Your number of m2) : 15 = number of packages required (round up)

For example: 40 m² : 15 m² = 2.67 = rounded 3 packages

NB! It is important that you always round up the number of packages, otherwise you will not have enough material.

Do you have any epoxy floor coating left? Then you can apply an extra thick layer: that immediately makes the floor extra strong and opaque.

Handy manual

Download the floor coating installation guide for applying a floor coating. This way you can get started with applying the floor coating step by step. You will also receive the manual by email after your order. More tips and inspiration? Visit our YouTube page for all of our helpful how-to videos.

No tools at hand?

Quickly put together your tool kits for all types of floors here.


A sleek subfloor is an absolute requirement for a sleek and high-quality end result. For subfloor repairs, use Epoxy repair mortar and/or Epoxy putty. If you want to level out the floor, you can do so with Epoxy Scraping Layer HQ. If you want to level the floor, you can do so with Equalization.

Free* RAL Fan

Order the color chart and choose the perfect color for your project.