UZIN KE 2560 carpet adhesive


Solvent-free synthetic resin dispersion adhesive

Description and application

UZIN KE 2560 Carpet Adhesive is a lightly workable solvent-free synthetic resin dispersion adhesive with high initial and final adhesion. UZIN KE 2560 has a favorable opening time and is very easy to process.

UZIN KE 2560 Carpet Adhesive is suitable for bonding:

  • Needle Felting
  • Carpets with felt backing
  • Carpets with jute back
  • Carpets with synthetic backing
  • Carpets with latex foam backing.

On most substrates such as, for example:

  • Sand Cement Floors.
  • Equalizations.
  • Anhydrite screeds*

Features/product benefits:

  • Solvent-free
  • For carpet and needle felt
  • Rapid initial adhesion
  • Favorable opening time
  • Light processing
  • Also for bonding on anhydrite.

Additional information

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