UZIN U 1000 Dispersion anti-slip
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UZIN U 1000 Dispersion anti-slip


Dispersion antiskid for carpet tiles

Description and application:

UZIN U 1000 antiskid is a ready-to-use very low-emission solvent-free dispersion liquid. UZIN Ökoline: system of proven, coordinated flooring products with an optimal composition so that “indoor air quality” is not negatively affected. UZIN U 1000 is easy to process with a foam roller and dries quickly. The dried film is self-adhesive in such a way that it provides a permanent anti-slip effect. Even if the ta- pile tile is taken up and put in several times, the non-slip effect remains. This makes UZIN U 1000 ideally suited for carpet tiles that need to be reclaimed. Due to its high plasticizer resistance, UZIN U 1000 can also be used for almost all carpet tiles with PVC backing. For indoor application.

The degree of the anti-slip effect is tailored to e.g. the following back types:

  • Bitumen compound with pp felt backing.
  • PVC backing and PVC foam backing (for leveled substrate)
  • Polyurethane foam backing.
  • Polyester and polypropylene felt backing
  • Anti-static carpet tiles.

A current-conducting antiskid coating can be obtained with the addition of UZIN PE 262 L current-conducting aggregate*. Particularly suitable for current-conducting systems in offices, e.g. on raised floor systems. For some carpet tile types, UZIN U 2100 anti-slip extra* is recommended. This also applies to other stable carpet tiles in the event of non-slip placement on certain raised floors that are not perfectly flat. In such cases, it is best to consult our advice line. If too much is used (e.g. by using a coat roller) or if the carpet tiles are inserted too early into the adhesive film that has not yet completely dried, a permanent bond will be formed. This will cause problems when renovating.

Features/product benefits:

Constituents: Polymer dispersion, preservatives, additives and water.

  • Responsible product for indoor air quality.
  • Universal for carpet tiles.
  • Quickly dry and permanently non-slip.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Very low consumption
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS/very low emission.



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