Wilsor Jewelery Resin UV

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see Cures with UV light (sunlight)
see 1 component, so no mixing is necessary
see Completely transparent

UV resin/jewelry resin is a 1-component resin that cures by UV light. UV light is in daylight. The more sun, the more UV radiation. Curing takes about 5 to 10 minutes in direct sunlight. With a UV lamp, it is faster, taking 2 to 4 minutes for the UV resin to fully cure. The UV resin dries beautifully clear and glossy. Another advantage is that there is no pungent odor.

Use this UV resin/jewelry resin for jewelry making or other smaller projects.

Let your imagination run wild and make the most beautiful creations. For beautiful results, use dyes, glitter, dried flowers, charms or silicone molds. Make sure not to use too much dye, as this will prevent the UV radiation from reaching it properly and the UV resin from curing properly. It is possible to cure several layers on top of each other. So put a layer under the lamp each time or let it cure by sunlight and then another layer.


  • Provide a work surface protected by newspaper or a garbage bag, for example.
  • Use silicone molds or charms to fill with our UV resin/jewelry resin.
  • This UV resin is very easy to apply thanks to its convenient nozzle.
  • If you want to pour flowers or something small into it, first make a thin layer that you let harden. And then you place the flower on the cured layer, after which you apply another layer of UV resin. This prevents it from floating or sinking.
  • Use this UV resin with glitters, powders, alcohol ink or color pigments for stunning results. Be careful not to use too much, as the UV resin will not cure properly.
  • Store closed and dark after use.




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