Wilsor Tar epoxy
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Wilsor Tar epoxy

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This tar epoxy does not contain dangerous coal tar, but bitumen that has the same water-resistant properties and is classified as harmless to health.


The Tar epoxy is extremely suitable for:

  • The underwater hull of wooden, metal and fiberglass boats. Does not dissolve after curing and does not become sticky in heat. Can be painted over with antifouling. However, if an antifouling contains a high concentration of solvents, it can affect the tar epoxy.
  • Coating of the underbody on cars, caravans or trailers. Due to the epoxy character a very good adhesion to most materials.
  • Waterproof sealing of gutters or roof lead. Old roof lead contains cracks that are easy and durable to fill with tar epoxy.
  • Protection of outdoor wood, for example with posts that go into the ground.


  • Provide a sanded fabric and grease-free surface. Rust and mill scale should be removed from steel.
  • Mixing ratio 5:1 (weight) is not critical, but adhere to it as closely as possible. Stir both components well
  • After mixing resin and hardener, this tar epoxy is lobed and gap-filling and can be worked at 20oC for approximately 1 hour. If necessary, it can be diluted with benzene, which can also be used to clean brushes etc. (before drying).
  • Tar epoxy can be applied by brush or roller.
  • Depending on the layer thickness, the paint is dust-dry after ± 3 hours (at 20oC), after which a second layer can be applied if necessary.
  • Even after complete drying, a second coat adheres just fine, just like most paints. The product can be processed at a minimum of 0oC, the drying is then of course much slower.



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