Parking garage floor

Parking garage floor have much to endure: cars bring in dirt and leak oil and other materials. Our resin floors do not have any problems with that though.

vloer afwerking parkeergarage

Parking garage floor

Coating Floor & Company provides parking garage floors that will last for years. They can also be incorporated with routing information and pictogrammes.

vloerafwerking parkeergarage

Parking garage floor

A parking garage does not have to be a dark and sombre place. Choose a lighter colour or combination of colours for a parking garage floor and the atmosphere will be much more pleasant!

parkeergaragevloer parkeervakken

Parking garage floor parking spaces

Distinctly outlined parking spaces are an absolute must for every parking garage. Our parking garage floors are simply to clean which results in the fact that the outlining remains clearly visible.

parkeergaragevloer parkeervak

Parking garage floor parking space

Coating Floor & Company will implement the outlining of each parking space directly into the durable parking garage floor. This means the outlining will remain visible for years to come.

parkeer garagevloer

Parking garage floor parking

Do you want to have a strong and durable parking garage floor in your garage? Try our resin parking garage floor: suitable for extreme heavy loads.