PU cast resin floor

The PU cast resin floor combines easy maintenance and durability with comfort. It will take on the room temperature which means it will always feel comfortable.

pu gietvloer winkelvloer

Cast resin floor as a shop floor

Make sure your shop stands out with a PU Green Line – the perfect shop floor. Beautiful, modern and very easy to maintain.

pu gietvloer designvloer

Cast resin floor as a design floor

The possibilities with our design resin floors are endless: they will provide each room with the preferred atmosphere. From classical to modern, from romantic to professional, and from basic to luxurious.

polyurethaan gietvloer

Polyurethane resin floor

Our polyurethane resin floor is not only beautiful, but also durable. We have our own production recipe which limits CO2 emissions.

design gietvloer voor woning en bedrijfspand

A design resin floor for your home and office space.

Our design resin floor can be produced in any colour and will therefore always match your interior. For a special personal touch, we will gladly incorporate a picture, pattern or logo of your choosing.

pu gietvloer greenline

PU Floor Green Line

Create a unique style and ambiance for your interior design using our design PU floor. This customised resin floor is suitable for both your home as well as your office space.