troffelvloer haccp vloer

The trowel floor as a HACCP standard floor

Do you have extremely high hygiene demands for your floor? Try our Trowel Floor HQ: this floor complies with the HACCP standard.

ijzersterke troffelvloer

The durable Trowel floor

The Trowel Floor HQ is an extremely durable floor that really works well in industrial environments. You can find it in workshops, catering industry, construction markets and warehouses.

troffelvloer bedrijfsvloer

The trowel floor as a company floor

The Trowel Floor HQ is especially suitable for a company floor. Very durable and super strong, hygienic and easy to maintain, and can be provided in any colour or combination of colours you prefer.

troffelvloer bakkerijvloer

The trowel floor as a bakery floor

A bakery floor needs to be hygienic and strong, but also resist liquids and acids. The Trowel Floor HQ provides just this and many more features.

troffelvloer antislipvloer

The trowel floor as a skid-proof floor

Wet areas can cause dangerous situations. Our Trowel Floor HQ can be provided with various skid-proof coatings.

bedrijfsvloer troffelvloer

A very durable company floor: the trowel floor

The Trowel Floor HQ is practical and strong, but also very durable: it will last for years, no matter how much it has to endure. This makes it an excellent choice for a company floor.