BaseConcrete Basa/Sense 5m2


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Base concrete is always applied in two different layers; the base and the sense. Base concrete can be used on many different surfaces, on walls, floors and furniture. The two coats can be applied with a plasterer’s knife. The basa is applied as the first layer. It is important that the basa is evenly distributed over the surface for an even thickness. How the basa is applied determines the final Basebeton look. After the first layer is sufficiently dry (hand dry), the second and last layer of Basebeton can be applied. This layer of Basebeton is called the sense. The same plasterer’s knife can be used for applying the sense. The sense is minimal. This layer is, as it were, scraped over the bassa. Suitable for indoor use only.

For the use of Basebeton on floors, a BaseBeton Primer, BaseBeton Scratch Coat (Stone Age SA1010 Liquid 2K + SA1012 Powder), BaseBeton Eco-adhesive and BaseBeton Coating is also required. If you intend to do this, we advise you to buy a complete BaseBeton Floor Package 10m2 or BaseBeton Floor Package of 20m2 with an attractive discount.

For the use of BaseBeton on walls, only the BaseBeton Primer and Basebeton Coating are required. In this case it is also possible to buy a complete BaseBeton Wall Package 5m2 or BaseBeton Wall Package 10m2 with an attractive discount.

Additional information

Weight 5,4 kg
Stone Age Kleuren

Aluminium, artichoke, bronze, Canvas, copper, Dutch Grey, Flake, gold, hippo, Lice Taupe, N/A, Pitch Black, Raum Red, Rose White, Rust, Steel, stone, Transparent

Vierkante meter

5 M2


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