Blackbox Swarfega Cleaning Wipes (150 pieces)
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Blackbox Swarfega Cleaning Wipes (150 pieces)


Description and application

UZIN Blackbox cleaning wipes are special wipes for cleaning hands and tools. Especially when using epoxy and polyurethane resin products, the UZIN Blackbox cleaning cloth ensures that the resins do not get stuck on the skin. UZIN Blackbox cleaning wipes clean your hands while you can continue working, there is no need to use water.

UZIN Blackbox cleaning cloth very thoroughly removes oil, grease, general pollution, many types of paint and (uncured) synthetic resins. For best results, use UZIN Cleaning Wipes regularly during the working day. In this way you prevent dirt from sticking to the skin. (beware of sensitive skin)

UZIN Blackbox cleaning wipes are especially suitable for cleaning residues of UZIN and Pallmann PU adhesives on skin, floor and tools.


  1. Remove the lid from the bucket.
  2. Insert the first cleaning cloth through the central opening.
  3. Click the lid back on the bucket.

Can attack various types of plastic and/or painted surfaces.


  • Avoid contact with eyes.

Features/product benefits:

  • Good cleaning power.
  • Good degreasing power.
  • Fast and effective.
  • Universally applicable.
  • High evaporation rate.

Additional information

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