Remmers HK Varnish Rustic Oak

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Decorative, solvent-based premium wood-protecting glaze for exterior wood.


Exterior wood
■ Wood not in contact with the ground in accordance with DIN EN 335-, GK 2 and 3
■ Non-measured wooden building elements: e.g., fencing, fences, carports
■ Limited size wooden building elements: e.g. shutters, facade paneling, garden sheds
■ Dimensioned wood building components (only as primers): e.g., window frames and doors
Primer, precoat and topcoat
Not suitable for floors (terraces, decks)


3in1: impregnation, primer, precoat and topcoat
■ Protects the wood against moisture and has a preventive effect against blue fungus
■ When combined with structural wood protection, reduces the risk of wood rot
■ Increased solid content gives protection against wasp infestation
■ Protection of the film layer against mold and algae
Moisture regulating
Penetrates deeply
Post-treatment without sanding
Brilliant colors
Do not peel off
The colors can be mixed together


Preventive activity against blue mushroom at 205 – 250 ml/m2
In practice, at least two coats are required for this consumption quantity.

Planed or very dense woods are less absorbent and may need a third coat.

For more comprehensive product and safety information regarding HK Lacquer, please see the Downloads section above.

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0.75 Liter, 2.5 Liter




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