Remmers MB 2k+
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Remmers MB 2k+

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Multifunctional construction sealant
Combines the properties of a flexible, crack-bridging, mineral sealing mortar (MDS) and bitumen sealing coating (PMBC)

■ Fast sealing
■ New construction sealing
■ Horizontal sealing in and under walls
■ Curative building sealing in accordance with WTA
■ Depths below ground level up to 3 m
■ Combination building systems (connection waterproof concrete below ground level and building structure above ground level)
■ Base and foot sealing
■ Seal in combination (AiV)
Adhesion primer on old bitumen
■ Repair of flat roofs on unoccupied areas
■ Bonding of perimeter insulation boards


■ More than 3 mm tested crack bridging (in accordance with EN 14891)
■ Rapid hardening and curing after 18 hours
■ Meets the testing requirements for PMBC
Tested to be radon-tight
Contains no bitumen
High adhesion strength
■ Also very good adhesion to non-mineral substrates (e.g. plastic, metal, etc.)
Highly flexible, elastic and crack bridging
■ Quick to finish (≥ 4 hours)
■ Frost-de-icing salt resistant
Paintable and can be plastered over
Can be processed as slurry, paste, with brush and sprayer


Min. 1.1 kg/m2/mm dry film thickness

Coating thickness and consumption when used as a crack-bridging mineral sealing mortar indoors and outdoors: see consumption table under application examples.

Determine exact consumption quantity on a sufficiently large test area.

For more comprehensive product and safety information regarding MB 2k+, please see the Downloads section above.

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