Mapei Kerafluid HPA
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Mapei Kerafluid HPA


check For bonding tiles to screeds
check Suitable for heated floors
check Especially for bonding ceramic tiles up to 60×60 cm format

Smoothing adhesive for bonding tile floors to anhydrite substrates indoors

Technical features

  • Ideally suited for bonding tiles to calcium sulfate based screeds.
  • Flow bed adhesive (large format tiles can be glued in one pass).
  • Priming is advised, in some cases it is not necessary.
  • Suitable for heated floors (low temperature hot water and radiant heating) that can be combined with anhydrite screeds.


Kerafluid HPA is particularly suitable for laying work on calcium sulfate-based screeds, without the need for a primer, under ideal conditions. Especially for bonding ceramic tiles up to 60×60 cm size. Only bond to substrates that do not contain more than 1% residual moisture.


  • Application conditions Temperature: between + 5°C and + 30°C. Do not apply to frozen, hot, or moisture-affected surfaces. Strong sunlight or high winds in the work area can shorten the open time of the adhesive mortar, so always try to avoid it. Preparing the substrate
  • The substrate must be clean, dry, level, solid and intact.
  • Whether anhydrite floors need to be sanded depends on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Check the moisture content of the screed using a CM meter.
  • Heated floors must have been at temperature and must have followed the heating up protocol. They must be turned off at least 48 hours before the tiles are applied.

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