Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix
Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix
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Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix


check Suitable on all existing floor types
check Glue for non-permanent attachment
check Suitable for PVC and carpet tiles


  • Non-permanent attachment of loose carpet tiles.
  • Non-permanent attachment of loose resilient flooring.

Application examples

Ultrabond Eco Fix is used for the shear-resistant application of:

  • loose carpet tiles;
  • loose-laid PVC tiles with a PVC latex foam backing

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  • All absorbent and non-absorbent substrates commonly used in construction, provided they are moisture-resistant, smooth and level (screeds, levelling compounds, concrete, dry screeds, etc.);
  • all types of existing floors: wood, PVC, rubber, linoleum, ceramic, marble, etc.;
  • all types of panels and raised floors;
  • floor heating systems.


Ultrabond Eco Fix is a dispersion adhesive based on acrylic resins. The adhesive has a light cream color and the form of a paste that can be easily applied with a roller or glue comb. After drying, the Ultrabond Eco Fix film retains residual adhesive strength, making it easy to remove and replace loose floor tiles. Warning: if you apply floor tiles to Ultrabond Eco Fix that is not yet completely dry (when it can still adhere to the back of the floor tiles), the adhesion is permanent. Ultrabond Eco Fix can be used in accordance with standard EN 12529 for floors that are intensively walked on and loaded with chairs with casters. Ultrabond Eco Fix is non-flammable and has a very low emission of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 Plus). The adhesive can be stored without special precautions.


  • Apply product within the recommended temperature, typically between +15°C and +35°C.
  • Do not apply to damp substrates or substrates with possible rising damp.
  • On highly absorbent substrates, apply a layer of a suitable primer (Primer G, Eco Prim T etc.) before applying Ultrabond Eco Fix.


Consumption varies depending on the type of substrate, the type of tile backing and the application method used (roller or adhesive comb). Consumption: 80-150 g/m2.

Product tools

A PVC adhesive comb or a lino/parquet comb is recommended for the Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix. This is the tooth chip holder with teeth A2 or B1. This leaves the right amount of glue on the surface for a quality bond.

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