Pallmann P9 2C PUR parquet adhesive

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check Can be used directly on mastic asphalt
check Elastic deformable
check Very good spreadability

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Pasty 2K reaction resin adhesive. Solvent and water-free, therefore without any swelling effect on parquet. Does not remove moisture from the wood.

Application Pallmann P9 2C PUR parquet adhesive

2-component PUR adhesive according to DIN EN 14293 shear-resistant, for all types of parquet, especially also for moisture-sensitive woods and formats, as well as on UZIN insulating underlays suitable for parquet.


  • Mosaic parquet
  • Strip parquet
  • 10 mm solid parquet
  • Plank and long belt parquet
  • Wooden pavement RE/WE
  • Upright slat 10 – 23 mm
  • Finished parquet – difficult to remove from finished surfaces
  • Smoked oak – in order not to cause light joints, we recommend UZIN COLOR MK


  • Cement screeds, calcium sulfate screeds or concrete
  • new, firmly screwed chipboard P4 – P7 or OSB 2 – OSB 4 boards
  • existing ceramic and natural stone coverings, terrazzo, etc.
  • new mastic asphalt screeds
  • prefabricated screeds, gypsum fiberboards
  • Filling compounds suitable for parquet
  • UZIN insulation and installation underlays suitable for parquet flooring
  • Hot water underfloor heating

Product advantages / properties Pallmann P9 2C PUR parquet adhesive

  • Good filling capacity
  • Good score
  • Very good spreadability
  • Shrinkage-free even in thick layers
  • Fast setting
  • Elastic deformable
  • High shear strength
  • Can be used directly on mastic asphalt
  • Universal parquet adhesive
  • Giscode RU 1 / Solvent-free
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS / Very low emission

Substrate preparation

The substrate must be level, sound, load-bearing, dry, free from cracks, clean and free from materials that would impair adhesion. The substrate must be tested in accordance with the applicable standards and codes of practice, and concerns must be raised in the event of any deficiencies. Cement and calcium sulfate screeds must be sanded and vacuumed (cleaning sanding). Particularly careful substrate testing is recommended for parquet work. Remove adhesion-reducing or unstable layers, e.g. release agents, loose adhesive, filler, coating or paint residues, etc., e.g. by brushing, grinding, milling or shot peening. Thoroughly vacuum loose parts and dust.

Precoat absorbent and porous substrates with 1C Quick Primer Pallmann P104 Primer (note: drying time min. 1 hour). On standardized substrates that are suitable for receiving parquet, priming is not necessary. Prime uneven substrates with universal primer UZIN PE360 NEW and fill with parquet filler PALLMANN P25 to a thickness of at least 3 mm. Observe the product data sheets of the products used.


approx. 800 – 1,200 g/m2

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