UZIN PE 460 Epoxy primer/moisture barrier
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UZIN PE 460 Epoxy primer/moisture barrier

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  • Suitable for warm water underfloor heating
  • High protection against moisture
  • Improved adhesion to the substrate

UZIN PE 460 Epoxy Primer Moisture Barrier is particularly suitable as:

Sand the surface-strengthening primer (“full and full”) in sand or in combination with UZIN PE 280* on mineral substrates such as sand cement, anhydrite or magnesite, before leveling.

Versatile suitable as/for:

  • Moisture barrier on cement-bound, moisture-resistant substrates, such as on rough, very dense or smooth cement-bound floors, concrete surfaces, etc. with a maximum residual moisture percentage of 5%. (For underfloor heating, first obtain technical advice)
  • Surface strengthening primer on mineral, absorbent substrates, e.g. cement and calcium sulphate bonded floors as well as magnesium and wood screed floors, concrete, etc.
  • Bonding layer on sanded tiled, stone and terrazzo surfaces, on old substrates with adhering residues of glue, levelling, paint or floor covering. Also suitable on surfaces with non-waterproof adhesive residues such as fixations or glue based on sulphite lye, etc.
  • Approved for hot water underfloor heating
  • Bonding of parquet on a non sanded UZIN PE 460 with a 2 comp. parquet adhesive (glue within 48 hours).


  • Binder: polyamine cured epoxy resin.
  • Odor neutral during curing.
  • High protection against moisture.
  • Improved adhesion to the substrate.
  • Solvent-free and water-resistant.
  • Good interlayer adhesion.
  • EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS/very low-emission.


A moisture content that is too high in moisture-sensitive substrates, eg calcium sulphate or magnesium floors, wooden subfloors, etc. may not be screened off.


1) Allow the combi packaging to acclimatise before use. Pierce the plastic cap and bottom of the lid (Harder) several times. Let the hardener run completely into the A components and mix very well until the mass is homogeneous. To exclude that unmixed material (bottom/wall) is processed, pour the mass into a clean container and mix again.

2) Apply the primer directly to the substrate evenly with a fleece roller. Note that a completely closed film is created.

3) If a second layer is necessary as a moisture barrier, apply this second layer crosswise. For an optical difference in the second layer, add approx. 1% UZIN Coloring Paste, then scatter this layer “full and full” with fire-dried sand 0.4 – 0.8 mm. After curing, remove and level the excess sand. Before levelling, check whether sufficient (“full and full”) sand is left behind. The primer may have been skipped. If necessary, prime again and sand thoroughly. When using as a 1-layer moisture barrier, always apply it as a closed layer (apply at least 500 gr/m2). After curing, prime with UZIN PE 280 * before leveling.

More information?

For more extensive product, application and safety information regarding UZIN PE 460 Epoxy primer/moisture barrier, please see the ‘Product Attachments’ heading above.

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