UZIN UZ 57 L Current-conducting adhesive


Flow-conducting fiber-reinforced adhesive for carpet and linoleum

Description and application:

UZIN UZ 57 L is a very low-emission, flow- led, antistatic, solvent-free dispersion adhesive based on carbon fibers. Please also refer to the UZIN Information Sheet “Flow-Guided Bonding”. UZIN UZ 57 L is a dispersion adhesive with fast initial adhesion and high final adhesion for bonding antistatic or current-conducting carpet and linoleum. Due to its short bleeding time, and its wide applicability in the relocation of antistatic or electrically conductive floor coverings, a secure and good bonding is possible.

Suitable for:

  • carpet with textile backing
  • needlefelt
  • woven carpet
  • linoleum with a thickness of up to 4 m (sheets and tiles)

Suitable for use on levelled, absorbent substrates, in the case of permeable coverings also on less absorbent substrates, existing screeds, UZIN Renovation and Insulation underlays*.

UZIN UZ 57 L is suitable for the creation of current-conducting floor structures according to the applicable regulations (see also DIN EN 14259) possibly in combination with a copper strip grid.

Conductive system:

Unless otherwise specified by the flooring supplier, the following guidelines generally apply: If the covering is equipped with a surface conductive backing structure or if only antistatic behavior is desired, then work can be done without an additional current dissipation system. Otherwise, before laying the covering, a power outlet system described below must be installed and later connected by a licensed electrician in accordance with applicable regulations.

Features/product benefits:

Components: Polymer dispersion, modified resins, preservatives, carbon fibers, mineral aggregates, additives and water.

  • Current-conducting in accordance with DIN EN 14259.
  • Light enrichment.
  • Responsible product for indoor air quality.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Rapid initial adhesion.
  • High end adhesion.
  • EMICODE EC 1 / Very low emission.

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