Wilsor Epoxy based wood sealer 500ml
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Wilsor Epoxy based wood sealer 500ml


check Wood Sealing Against Potentially Rotting Wood
check Easy to paint over
check Can also be used as epoxy lacquer

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Wilsor Wood Sealing is used when wood has a risk of rotting (or strong moisture absorption). It can be painted over well and is an ideal surface for Wilsor Wood Filling Paste. Wilsor Wood Sealant can also be used as a thin epoxy lacquer.

  • Epoxy Wood Sealant is a very thin epoxy resin with an easy mixing ratio of 1:1 (by volume).
  • This mixing ratio is not critical, but should be adhered to as closely as possible.
  • It is used wherever new or already damaged wood is exposed to moisture.
  • This epoxy resin is so thin that it absorbs easily into the wood, especially if it is slightly porous, such as with already damaged wood. The wood fibers and harmful micro-organisms are completely encapsulated.
  • The thin epoxy resin will disappear into the substrate, especially if it is somewhat porous. Apply until the resin no longer disappears into the substrate, or according to the protection you deem necessary for wood.
  • Mixed , the resin can be processed at 20º C for several hours . When applied to the wood surface, drying is much faster.
  • Minimum processing temperature is 5º C.
  • When stored below 0°C, the hardener component B can separate somewhat and form a thick liquid at the bottom of the bottle. Make sure that this is completely shaken again at a minimum of 5° C and that the entire liquid becomes transparent again.
  • During subsequent processing with Wilsor epoxy products such as wood filler, epoxy putty and tar epoxy, the wood seal does not have to be dry.
  • You can continue to work on wood sealing that is still “wet”. This also gives a particularly good adhesion. If the wood sealant has dried completely, then roughening with sandpaper is necessary before further processing. Complete drying is necessary before further processing with other materials, such as polyester putty or lacquers, ie 2 hours to a day (at room temperature) depending on the layer thickness.

In addition to penetrating into the wood, the epoxy wood sealant can also be used as a thin, high-quality epoxy lacquer for non-porous surfaces. So to protect metal, stone and concrete (make concrete floors dust-free) with a hard high-gloss layer. In order to obtain a nice tack-free surface of this layer, it is necessary to let the mixed wood sealant react for about an hour and only then to apply

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