Arturo EP1250 Trowel Floor Natural
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Arturo EP1250 Trowel Floor Natural


check For new construction and renovation
check Especially for industrial halls, slaughterhouses, industrial kitchens and workshops
check Also suitable for skirting boards and curbs

Suitable as a durable, seamless finish for cement- and plaster-bound substrates and tile floors.

Arturo EP1250 Trowel Floor is particularly suitable for finishing floors in:

  • Industrial halls
  • slaughterhouses
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Workshops

And where high demands are made on mechanical and chemical load-bearing capacity and hygiene.

Skirting boards and curbs can also be covered with the Arturo EP1250 Trowel floor . Set of 74.25 kg


  • High compressive strength
  • Impact, impact and wear resistant
  • Can be used as a skirting board
  • Can be applied manually or with a butterfly machine
  • Component C is natural in color
  • To lubricate on a slope


The consumption is approximately 1.80 kg/m2/per mm of layer thickness. With a desired layer thickness of 5 mm, a consumption of 9.00 kg per m2 is required.

Substrate preparation

Substrate preparation Remove cement skins and concrete residues by grinding and sanding. Roughen smooth and dense surfaces (such as those of concrete) by means of dust-free shot blasting. Roughen anhydrite floors and remove any skin by blasting or sanding (depending on the skin tensile strength). Treat contaminated surfaces by means of chemical cleaning.

Sand afterwards. Then always make the floor dust-free by vacuuming with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Fill cuts and holes with a suitable filler. Repair holes and cracks with Arturo EP1500 Repair Mortar *.

Pre-treat cement- and plaster-bound substrates with Arturo EP6500 Primer * and/or Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat *.

More information?

Look for more extensive product, application and safety information regarding Arturo EP1250 Trowel Floor under the heading ‘Product Attachments’ above.

Additional information

Weight 77,3 kg

Agricultural sector, catering industry, company kitchen, Fire/explosion hazardous areas, Industrial halls, Production areas, slaughterhouses, Technical rooms, Workshops

Package of KGS

74.25 kg




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