Arturo EP3020 Floor coating
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Arturo EP3020 Floor coating

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check High wear resistance
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RAL 1000 green beige
RAL 7000 fur grey
RAL 7001 silver grey
RAL 7002 olive grey
RAL 7003 moss grey
RAL 7005 mouse grey
RAL 7008 khaki grey
RAL 7010 tarpaulin grey
RAL 7012 basalt grey
RAL 7013 brown grey
RAL 7021 black grey
RAL 7023 concrete grey
RAL 7030 stone grey
RAL 7032 pebble grey
RAL 7034 yellow grey
RAL 7035 light grey
RAL 7036 platinum grey
RAL 7037 dust grey
RAL 7038 agate grey
RAL 7040 window grey
RAL 7042 traffic gray a
RAL 7043 traffic gray b
RAL 7044 silk grey
RAL 7047 telegrey 4


Suitable as a durable, wear-resistant, colored, seamless finish of cement- and plaster-bound substrates. Arturo EP3020 can be used as a primer, scratch coat and floor coating.

Arturo EP3020 Floor Coating is particularly suitable as a floor finish for light to moderately heavily loaded floors such as:

  • warehouses
  • Garages
  • Storage and production areas.


  • Silky Gloss
  • High wear resistance
  • Water vapor permeable
  • low odor
  • Solvent-free
  • Water dilutable with a maximum of 5% water
  • Fillable with sand
  • Excellent processing properties


Approx. 100–250 g/m2 Approx. 500-700 g/m2, as a scratch coat, depending on the substrate.

For more detailed product and safety information regarding Arturo EP3020, please see the ‘Downloads’ section above.

Handy manual

Download the floor coating installation manual before applying a floor coating. This way you can get started with applying the floor coating step by step. You will also receive the manual by email after your order. More tips and inspiration? Visit our YouTube page for all of our helpful how-to videos.

No tools at hand?

Quickly put together your tool packages for all types of floors here.


A sleek subfloor is an absolute requirement for a sleek and high-quality end result. For repairs to the subfloor, use Epoxy repair mortar and/or Epoxy putty . If you want to level out the floor, this can be done with Epoxy Scratch Coat HQ . If you want to level the floor, you can do this with Leveling .

Free* RAL Fan

Order the color chart and choose the perfect color for your project.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
KGS packaging

10.00 kg, 25.00 kg


Galleries (indoor), Garages, Retail spaces, warehouses


RAL 1000 – Green beige, RAL 7000 – Fur Grey, RAL 7001 – Silver grey, RAL 7002 – Olive grey, RAL 7003 – Moss grey, RAL 7005 – Mouse grey, RAL 7008 – Khaki grey, RAL 7010 – Tarpaulin grey, RAL 7012 – Basalt Grey, RAL 7013 – Brown-grey, RAL 7021 – Black-grey, RAL 7023 – Concrete grey, RAL 7030 – Stone Grey, RAL 7032 – Pebble grey, RAL 7034 – Yellow-grey, RAL 7035 – Light Grey, RAL 7036 – Platinum Grey, RAL 7037 – Dust grey, RAL 7038 – Agate Grey, RAL 7040 – Window grey, RAL 7042 – Traffic gray A, RAL 7043 – Traffic gray B, RAL 7044 – Silk Grey, RAL 7047 – Telegrey 4




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