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BaseConcrete Primer
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BaseConcrete Primer


BaseBeton Primer as first layer for BaseBeton products (Basa + Sense)

Walls should always be treated with BaseBeton Primer (MCG Primer) before use on absorbent surfaces. The MCG can be used undiluted for non-absorbent substrates. Dilute 1 to 1 if necessary for absorbent substrates. MCG can be applied evenly with a fur or foam roller. Consumption is approximately 100 grams per m2.

Apply Basa + Sense (see below for related products and complete packages)

After the primer has been applied, the processing of the Basebeton itself can be started. The Basebeton consists of two layers; the base and the sense. The two coats can be applied with a plasterer’s knife. The basa is applied as the first layer. It is important that the basa is evenly distributed over the surface for an even thickness. How the basa is applied determines the final Basebeton look.

After the first layer is sufficiently dry (hand dry), the second and last layer of Basebeton can be applied. This layer of Basebeton is called the sense. The same plasterer’s knife can be used for applying the sense. The sense is minimal. This layer is, as it were, scraped over the bassa. All the excess material can go back in the bucket. When applying the Basebeton, it is recommended to wear protective shoe covers to prevent disturbing footprints during the application of both the basa and the sense.


As soon as the second layer is also dry, the Basebeton must be sanded using an eccentric rotary sander. For this sanding process, we recommend using 80 or 120 grit sandpaper. The degree of sanding has a direct influence on the final result. Once sanding has been completed, the sanded surface should be dedusted. This can be done, for example, with an industrial vacuum cleaner. For the desired end result, the Basebeton floor is finished with the special Basebeton 2K-PU coating: the SA Basic-coat WB 2K-PU. This coating consists of two components; SA Basic-coat WB 2K-PU Comp A and SA Basic-coat WB 2K-PU Comp B. The coating can only be used when component A is mixed with component B. Add component B to component A. Shake/mix this whole and pour mixture through the MP 190 micron sieve. Then mix the mixture well again. The coating can then be applied using a nylon roller. Let it dry for at least five days before it can be used.

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