Bubble burst spray 150ml


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bubble pop spray

Remove air bubbles from your epoxy project or create great effects by using this spray. The Pourpoxy effect spray is the all round epoxy tool because it can be used for many different purposes. Read all about it in the description below!

Bubble Pop Transparent casting

With a transparent pour, this isopropyl alcohol is perfect for removing air bubbles from your pour. The atomizer ensures that the alcohol is well distributed and that you can pollinate a large surface. By using the Pourpoxy Bubble Pop spray, your result will be even more beautiful. The content of the spray ensures that the surface tension of the epoxy is lowered, making the bubbles pop easily! It therefore only removes the bubbles on the surface, not the bubbles that are deep in the epoxy. For this you can use a vacuum machine to pour bubble-free.

Effect spray Resin art

When creating epoxy art you can choose to use this effect spray to make our Metallic pigments drift apart. This allows you to create cool and unique effects. Use a spray can with paint on the epoxy and then spray one spray of this effect and watch the paint splatter and you create an enormous depth.

Cleaning and keeping your materials clean

This spray is ideal for removing uncured epoxy from your tools. degrease your surface to be cast or clean your silicone molds.

Why do you use this venting spray? 

When casting epoxy resin in transparent form, bubbles are formed during mixing. You cannot prevent these air bubbles, but you can remedy them! Often a gas burner is used, which can lead to undesirable results in your epoxy resin.

Disadvantages gas burner:

  • Epoxy can burn
  • Epoxy yellowing due to excessive temperature (or yellow flame)
  • Faster hardening of the top layer, which can cause cracking
  • Hitting the exotherm causing the epoxy to boil
  • Damaging silicone molds

How do you use the pourpoxy Bubble Pop?

During the casting you see air bubbles on the surface. Spray 1 time over the surface and you will see the air bubbles disappear. If after some time air bubbles have formed again, spray again to remove these as well. Do not spray too much on the epoxy resin, this can disrupt the end result!

Benefits Bubble Pop/Effect spray:

  • Fast and immediate removal of air bubbles.
  • Good disinfectant.
  • Creates cool effects in combination with metallic pigments.
  • Good cleaner for silicone molds.
  • Can be used with any epoxy resin.
  • Degreasing your casting surface before casting.
  • Cleaning epoxy residues that have not yet cured.

Disadvantages Bubble Pop/Effect spray:

  • Does not remove air bubbles inside the epoxy resin.
  • Not suitable for spraying too much over the surface as this will cause surface disturbance.

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