Concrete Cire Package
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Concrete Cire Package

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check Decorative ready-to-use finishing plaster
check Very suitable for floors and walls, worktops, showers, stairs etc
check Suitable as a waterproof or decorative finish

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package contents

When ordering this package you will receive the following materials:

  • Primer
  • concrete circle
    • Base
    • resin
    • Pigment
  • sealer
  • PU top coat

We supply sufficient material to cover the number of m2 you have ordered. What to do with a different amount of m2 than offered? Suppose you have 47m2 to process. Then order 2x 20m2 and 1x 10m2, so you have enough material for your project. Always round up to avoid a potential shortage of material.

What is Concrete Cire?

Beton Cire is a high-quality, waterproof cement-bound product. This product is not mixed with water but with a special resin that makes it strong and flexible. The finish is done by means of a special Sealer in combination with a 2-component PU lacquer. Due to its special composition, Beton Cire can be applied to almost any stable surface. A modern concrete look with limitless design options for, for example, your bathroom, living room, kitchen, toilet or, for example, business space. Suitable for walls, floors, furniture, tops and stairs.


  • unique natural look strong,
  • wear-resistant and easy-care seamless,
  • mold-free and waterproof
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • can just go over tiles


Due to the unique composition and finish, it is very strong and also waterproof. Thanks to this combination, there are many possibilities and Beton Ciré is increasingly used in bathrooms and kitchens. It is advisable to avoid places where water remains for a longer period of time. Water, in combination with soap-containing products, can affect the protection layer after a longer period of time.


Beton Cire is a strong, wear-resistant stucco that is more durable than lime-based stucco because of its cement base. A coating is applied to ensure that it is scratch-resistant and water- and dirt-resistant. Thanks to the coating, Beton Cire is even suitable as a counter top in the kitchen. This coating ensures that the stucco is protected for up to 16 hours against acetone, tea, coffee and wine.


Beton Cire is waterproof, wear-resistant and, unlike tiles, has no joints. In the shower, this is a huge plus. There are no joints that remain moist and are sensitive to mould. The walls are easy to keep clean, so mold doesn’t stand a chance.


It is difficult for bacteria and fungi to adhere to the surface of Beton Cire. It is an alkaline floor and wall finish. This means that it is already anti-fungal by itself and bacteria will not feel at home here. In addition to this, an additional coating is applied. This makes Beton Cire an extremely hygienic finish for your bathroom. An additional advantage is that you no longer suffer from harmful residual products from the usual cleaning products.

How do you process Beton Cire? And what tools do you need?

We have compiled a wonderful manual for the processing of Beton Cire, which can be downloaded under the heading ‘Product attachments’ above. If you have any questions about this, we are ready to help you.

Maintenance of Beton Cire

Cleaning Beton Cire is easy, qualitative and good with the Eco-cleaner , Power-Cleaner , Floor maintenance starter package and cleaning products from Greenspeed .

Preventive maintenance Beton Cire

  • Apply high-quality protective felt pads under furniture, tables and chairs. ‘ Scratch no more ‘
  • Always put a doormat in front of the outside door. This prevents pebbles and sand from getting in. Cover the rubber under the doormat with felt. The floor must not come into direct contact with rubber due to the effect of plasticizers on the floor.
  • Replace the wheels under the seats with wheels with softer, colorless rolling surfaces
  • Do not put animal skins on your floor to prevent discoloration
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as green soap, ammonia, all-purpose cleaner, vinegar or bleach. These products affect the sealer layer in such a way that discoloration can occur. Preferably use our maintenance products that are discussed in this guide
  • Prevent continuous water pollution (including under doormats, flower pots, etc. etc.)
  • Avoid falling objects as much as possible. Falling objects can damage the floor.



Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Vierkante meter

2 meters x 12.5 meters = 25 M2, 2 meters x 20 meters = 40 M2, 4 to 5 M2, Up to 10 square meters, Up to 20 square meters, Up to 5 square meters


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