Flat mop Greenspeed Scrub Velcro 45 cm
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Flat mop Greenspeed Scrub Velcro 45 cm


Greenspeed ScrubMop, 45 cm, 60% microfibre/40% polypropylene, green with blue strips. Specially developed for scrubbing and mopping in one operation. Effectively removes stains and encrusted dirt without smearing dirt.

Microfibre mop with scrubbing strips for damp cleaning of stone floors. Stubborn dirt is effectively removed.

  • Brief processing of the scratch-resistant floor surface.
  • No dirt smearing.
  • Quick and easy to replace thanks to Velcro (Velcro).
  • Loop for removing the mop.
  • Efficient use due to color coding.
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • Will be delivered per piece


  1. Machine wash the mop before first use.
  2. Place the mop on the mop holder.
  3. Remove the mop after use.
  4. Machine wash afterwards.

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