Footfixx Hollow ( set of 4 )

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Use in all round hollow legs.

Note: For use in square legs, read measurement instructions carefully before ordering!

The angle of the leg should never exceed 30 degrees.

Choose the right size:

Round Tube

Measure the internal diameter of the pipe with a caliper.

Square Tube

Measure the internal size of the tube with a caliper. Assume the inside length and width, but also measure the opposite corner. Note that the size between opposite corners should never exceed the maximum size of the base section! When in doubt, contact us.

Not to be used with drop shaped, oval & rectangular legs. Here you can often use the Footfixx Wood, which can be screwed into the current plastic cap.

Additional information

Scratch size

Large (20-30mm) incl. 28mm protectionfeet, Large (20-30mm) incl. 34mm protectionfeet, Medium (14-21mm) incl. 28mm protectionfeet, Medium (14-21mm) incl. 34mm protectionfeet, Small (10-14mm) incl. 28mm protectionfeet, Small (10-14mm) incl. 34mm protectionfeet



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