Mapei Dursilite Matt 5kg
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Mapei Dursilite Matt 5kg


check Both indoor and outdoor
check Dursilite is available in a wide range of colors
check Particularly suitable for painting all types of cement, lime and plaster surfaces
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RAL 1001 beige en
RAL 1002 sand yellow
RAL 1013 pearl white
RAL 1015 light ivory color
RAL 1019 gray beige
RAL 1020 olive yellow
RAL 3009 oxide red
RAL 5012 light blue
RAL 5024 pastel blue
RAL 6019 white green
RAL 7001 silver grey
RAL 7004 signal grey
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
RAL 7023 concrete grey
RAL 7030 stone grey
RAL 7032 pebble grey
RAL 7034 yellow grey
RAL 7035 light grey
RAL 7036 platinum grey
RAL 7037 dust grey
RAL 7038 agate grey
RAL 7039 quartz grey
RAL 7040 window grey
RAL 7042 traffic gray a
RAL 7043 traffic gray b
RAL 7044 silk grey
RAL 7045 telegrey 1
RAL 7046 telegrey 2
RAL 7047 telegrey 4
RAL 8017 chocolate brown
RAL 9001 cream white
RAL 9002 gray white
RAL 9003 signal white
RAL 9005 jet black
RAL 9010 pure white
RAL 9018 papyrus white


Painting all types of new, old or already painted interior surfaces that require an attractive finish with a smooth, velvety, matte surface. The product has low dirt absorption and a high degree of whiteness. Painting of partially covered and protected from sun and rain exposure exterior surfaces. Thanks to its special composition, the product is particularly suitable for painting all types of cement, lime and gypsum surfaces that require a high degree of lasting protection and must also have excellent vapor permeability and easy cleaning.

Application examples

  • Indoor painting of all types of masonry, plaster or leveling layers based on cement, lime or plaster. These can be either well-cured new or old substrates, provided they are coherent, adhere well and are not powdery.
  • Exterior painting of existing and new cementitious substrates, even if already painted, as long as they are not exposed to aggressive climatic conditions (e.g., undersides of balconies, stairs, pillars and ceilings of covered areas, flat roofs, balconies, and balustrades of interior terraces.


Dursilite is a washable, waterborne interior wall paint with strong coverage and great matt and whiteness based on modified acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion and selected additives. Applied indoors, Dursilite adheres excellently to all types of masonry, plaster, leveling layers, and well-fixed, non-powdery old paintwork. Dursilite protects the surface and gives it a very attractive, even matte appearance and makes the surface feel velvety to the touch. Dursilite is available in an extensive range of colors using the ColorMap® automatic color system.


Consumption is closely related to the suction and roughness of the substrate, the color applied and the application technique used. Under normal conditions, consumption is approximately 0.3-0.4 kg/m2 (for two coats).

Additional information

Weight N/A

RAL 1001 – Beige, RAL 1002 – Sand yellow, RAL 1013 – Pearl white, RAL 1015 – Light ivory color, RAL 1019 – Gray beige, RAL 1020 – Olive yellow, RAL 3009 – Oxide red, RAL 5012 – Light Blue, RAL 5024 – Pastel blue, RAL 6019 – White green, RAL 7001 – Silver grey, RAL 7004 – Signal Grey, RAL 7016 – Anthracite grey, RAL 7023 – Concrete grey, RAL 7030 – Stone Grey, RAL 7032 – Pebble grey, RAL 7034 – Yellow-grey, RAL 7035 – Light Grey, RAL 7036 – Platinum Grey, RAL 7037 – Dust grey, RAL 7038 – Agate Grey, RAL 7039 – Quartz grey, RAL 7040 – Window grey, RAL 7042 – Traffic gray A, RAL 7043 – Traffic gray B, RAL 7044 – Silk Grey, RAL 7045 – Telegrey 1, RAL 7046 – Telegrey 2, RAL 7047 – Telegrey 4, RAL 8017 – Chocolate brown, RAL 9001 – Cream white, RAL 9002 – Gray white, RAL 9003 – Signal white, RAL 9005 – Jet black, RAL 9010 – Pure white, RAL 9018 – Papyrus white


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