Mapei Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW
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Mapei Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW


check Primer for the TNS system
check On asphalt and concrete
check Adhesion enhancer for absorbent, porous cement substrates


Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW is recommended for use with products from the Mapecoat TNS range. Also use this primer on Dutch asphalt, since the adhesion of the TNS system directly on Dutch asphalt gives a lesser adhesion.

Application examples

  • Adhesion improver for absorbent, porous cement substrates.
  • Adhesion enhancer for existing playing fields.
  • Adhesion enhancer for elastic Mapecomfort mats.
  • Primer for products from the Mapecoat TNS range.

Primer for PU Sealer 750, PU 700 SL, PU 800 SL FR and PU 200 Finish.

Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW is a beige two-component primer based on epoxy resin in an aqueous dispersion, according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s R&D laboratories.

After Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW has been prepared as directed and thinned according to requirements, it can be applied in layers of 60 to 100 m thick by sprayer, roller or airless sprayer.


  • Do not dilute Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW with solvents
  • Do not apply Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW on fragile substrates.
  • Do not apply Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW at temperatures below +8°C or above +35°C.


1. Preparing the substrate

All surfaces to be treated must be firm and compact. Remove all loose or peeling parts, cement residue, dust, paint, oil, release agent and foreign matter from the substrate. Oil- and grease-soaked concrete surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a solution of water and 10% soda or with a cleaning agent, after which they should be rinsed several times with a generous amount of clean water. If the oil or grease has penetrated deep into the substrate, the affected concrete pieces must be broken away. The substrate must then be repaired with a special mortar from the Mapegrout range.

2. Preparing the product

Add component A to component B container and mix the two components using a slow speed rotary drill with stirring spindle until an even mixture is obtained. Dilute this mixture with water in a ratio of 1 : 0.5 and mix again for three minutes with the drill with a stirring spindle.

3. Applying the product

Apply a single, even coat of Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW with a roller with medium or long bristles or with a sprayer. Wait 5-6 hours before applying the next product of the coating system.


100-200 g/m2, depending on the absorbance of the diluted primer.


10 kg kit: – component A = 2 kg; – component B = 8 kg.

System Advice

1st coat Mapei Mapecoat TNS Primer EPW

2nd & 3rd layer Mapei Mapecoat TNS Racetrack or Mapecoat TNS Easy Color

4th layer Mapei Mapecoat TNS Protection

More information

You will find more information in the product information sheet. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact our customer service by e-mail or telephone.



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