Mapei Ultramastic 5

check Bonding of heavy and large format ceramic tiles on walls
check For interior walls
check Long correction time

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  • Bonding of heavy and large format ceramic tiles on walls.
  • Indoor wall bonding of almost all types of ceramic wall tiles and mosaics, especially in areas where a long correction time is required.
  • Bonding of thermal insulation panels and sound insulation panels, decorative ceiling elements and aerated concrete blocks ON most substrates commonly used in construction, provided they have been properly pre-treated. Ideally suited to non-metallic absorbent substrates.

Application examples

Sucking and non-sucking tiles (such as porcelain tiles) on:

  • walls in bathrooms and shower rooms;
  • wooden surfaces, provided they are moisture resistant;
  • waterproofing membranes such as Mapegum WPS;
  • Walls made of aerated concrete blocks;
  • especially absorbent substrates, provided they have been properly pre-treated;
  • cement plasters and lime-cement plasters;
  • concrete walls made of precast panels or poured directly on site;
  • gypsum plaster or prefabricated panels;
  • gypsum board;
  • Painted walls (provided the paint is solid and the tiles are absorbent); test in advance for suitability.
  • old tiles (provided one of the two surfaces is absorbent);
  • large format tiles on walls;
  • tiles on heated substrates.


Ultramastic 5 is a newly developed dispersion adhesive based on special acrylic resins, graded mineral additives and auxiliaries. Ultramastic 5 is a ready-to-use, white paste adhesive. Thanks to its excellent thixotropic properties and workability, Ultramastic 5 can also be used for large format wall tiles. The open time of 30 minutes (at +23° C and 50% R.H.) ensures that bonding can be carried out in complete safety. Applied tiles adhere immediately thanks to the excellent thixotropic properties of this product. Ultramastic 5 binds as it evaporates water and then obtains considerable elasticity and excellent adhesive strength, which resists most vibrations and deformations of building materials. Ultramastic 5 possesses excellent performance properties after complete curing. Therefore, before commissioning, wait until the adhesive has fully cured. The temperature resistance is excellent up to +90° C.



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