Noëlla Epoxy Sea Collection
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Noëlla Epoxy Sea Collection


check Create an ocean artwork with these pigments
check Follow the corresponding Masterclass on YouTube with Noëlla
check Ideal for beginners
check Sufficient material to mix in total with 5 kg epoxy casting resin


5x 100ml color pigment

Other information

These pigments can be used to color Epoxy Casting Resin UV. The colors in this pack were created by Noëlla and based on her artwork. The package contains enough pigment to use up to 10x!

Epoxy can be filled with pigment up to 10% by weight of the epoxy. The actual consumption depends on how fully you pigment the epoxy and how large you want to make your work of art!

Let your own creativity run free or join Noëlla in her Masterclass on YouTube!

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Weight 1 kg


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