Owatrol Spacenett
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Owatrol Spacenett


SPACENETT® is a powerful, water-based professional cleaner for all varnished and oiled floors as well as vinyl and linoleum flooring. Rejuvenating the finish, SPACENETT®, which is quick, easy to use and odorless, removes the build up of wax, grease, polish and ground in dirt that accumulates in the finish overtime, dulling its appearance. Giving excellent coverage SPACENETT® is economical to use.


  • Powerful cleaner for removing built-up layers of wax, grease, and other dirt that adhere to the surface over time.
  • Gives varnished parquet a new look.
  • After using SPACENETT®, the parquet should always be treated with a product such as POLISHFLOOR®* to protect the original finish layer.


  • All varnish and oil finished wood and cork floors, including flexible floor coverings.

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