PourPoxy Transparent Pigment

PourPoxy Transparent Pigment


check Spectacular translucent color effect
check Ideal for projects involving resin objects
check Gives every project a unique look

Transparent pigments provide a translucent coloring of your epoxy. The dosage compared to the epoxy is low, which makes it very advantageous. many objects are canned in combination with the transparent pigments. Molds are mainly filled with an object in it. This way you can still see the object, but there is still color in the mold! For example, the white transparent pigment is used to create waves in ocean art.

These PourPoxy pigments are ideal for pouring molds, tables, jewelry or when using resin art.

You can add this kind of pigment in all our casting resins. The handy dropper bottle allows you to determine the transparent shade yourself. You do this by mixing after each drop. A thinner layer needs more drops. On average, you have a good transparent shade by adding 0.3% to your casting resin.


These pigments can also be combined with metallic pigments for a special effect. Use the Bubble burst spray to remove air bubbles



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PourPoxy Transparant pigment

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