Sylothix modifying agent

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see Adjusting agent for epoxy and polyester resins
see For adhesives, putty, coatings, sealants and dispersions
see Create your own desired density of your resin

A very light powder for thickening polyester and epoxy resins when they are too thin for practical application.

Sylothix is a product consisting of fibers of high density polyethylene and amorphous silica. It is a highly efficient thixotropic or thickening agent for liquids and pastes and is used in the following systems: adhesives, putty, sealants, coating compounds, dispersions and corrosion protection systems. These systems can be based on epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, bitumen or PVC. Provide similar or increased thickening capacity in your epoxy, MMA and polyester systems without the need for fumed silica and/or organoclay.

Use SYLOTHIX fibers and improve the properties of your formulation:

  • Increased tensile strength
  • Increased pulling power
  • Increased Compressive Strength
  • Thickening is not affected by the acidity of the resin
  • Reduction of formulation costs
  • Easy dispersion/shortened mixing times
  • Substantial dust reduction


Use 1% to 7% percent of total weight. So on 1 kg of hard 0.01 kg (10 grams) to 0.07 kg (70 grams) of Sylothix.

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