Wilsor Crystal clear casting resin

see Insects, dry leaves, iron filings
see Creating a waterscape
see Shrinks away from the mold

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Wilsor crystal clear polyester casting resin is ideal for smaller projects where shrinkage is not an issue. For example for casting insects, flowers or other small objects. The crystal clear polyester resin consists of two components (ratio 3:1) and the b-component is an MEK hardener.


Provide a mold into which the resin can be poured. The mold should be smooth, self-releasing and made of plastic to prevent sticking. Crystal clear casting resin does not adhere to Teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene (disposable cups). Mix 1% of the MEK hardener with the resin and stir well.

While the resin is still liquid, you can place insects, leaves or other small objects in it. Make sure there are no air bubbles in it.

Remove the object from the mold after curing. The side where the resin cures in contact with the air, the resin remains a little dull and sticky. Sanding and then working with Colad One step Ready creates a clear smooth coat.

Technical specifications

  • Potlife: Specification 60 min at 20C and 1% MEK
  • Potlife: 120 min at 10C and 1% MEK
  • Curing: 24 hours at 20C and 1% MEK
  • Color: Transparent

Crystal clear casting resin compared to epoxy casting resin


  • Price
  • Shrinks away from the mold


  • contraction
  • Surface in contact with air is not smooth
  • Characteristic air during curing

Color cast resin

Coloring using pigment You can color the casting resin using 5 pigments. Add the pigment or multiple pigments in very small amounts (starting at about 0.5% pigment of the selected amount of casting resin mixture) until the desired color is achieved.

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