UZIN PE 262 L / 5kg


For secure current transfer under carpet tiles

Description and application:

UZIN PE 262 L is a black water-based conductive concentrate with conductive pigments to make normal cement mortars and anti-slips conductive. Please also refer to the UZIN Product Information Sheet “Current Conductive Bonding”. By proper mixing in the mortar or anti-slip, it obtains the desired current conductivity after it is cured.

UZIN PE 262 L current-conducting aggregate is easily miscible and can be applied in combination with, for example:

  • UZIN U 1000 Anti-slip
  • UZIN U 2100 Anti-slip extra
  • Codex thin and middle bed mortar.

There is a complete range of ready-to-use current-conducting UZIN Floor Adhesives*. In some cases, however, it may be desirable to make the usual stan- dard products current-conducting. For example, for current-conducting installation of carpet tiles on raised floor systems.

UZIN PE 262 L only be used in conjunction with the UZIN fasteners/anti-slip specified for it. When in doubt, always seek “customized” advice first.

Features/product benefits:

Constituents: Polymer dispersion, preservatives and water.

  • Makes anti-slips and mortars conductive.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Thin liquid.
  • Easy to mix.

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