UZIN PE 360 PLUS Universal Primer


check Fast drying time
check Solvent-free primer
check Provides excellent adhesion

Description and application

UZIN PE 360 PLUS Universal Primer a solvent-free dispersion primer for the pretreatment of absorbent, moisture-insensitive substrates that are to be leveled or where adhesive work is being carried out on floors and walls. For indoor application.

Suitable for:

  • Anhydrite floors with waterproof adhesive residues
  • Cementitious screeds
  • Sand Cement Floors
  • Existing UZIN levelling layers
  • Fresh (yet walkable) leveling layers, if “post-leveling” proves necessary.

Suitable for:

  • As a primer under repair and levelling products
  • For heavy-duty floors in homes, stores and industry
  • Hot water underfloor heating
  • Application with swivel castors according to DIN EN 12529
  • As a system component in fast track construction

Features/product benefits:

UZIN PE 360 PLUS penetrates deeply into the substrate but also has excellent film-forming properties. The UZIN PE 360 PLUS ensures excellent adhesion of the levelling compound to the substrate and also ensures that water does not sink into the substrate too quickly. The new formulation of UZIN PE 360 PLUS dries particularly quickly, eliminating long waiting times.


The substrate must be pressure and form resistant, permanently dry, clean and free from substances that could impair adhesion. In any case, make dense substrates free of grease, they should be well skimmed. Then sand well and vacuum. Sand and vacuum mineral substrates to a minimum. Remove weak, loose and unstable layers, e.g. soft screed surfaces, old poorly adhering adhesive, levelling and covering residues, etc. by wire brushing, sanding, milling or shot blasting. Subsequent vacuuming.


1. Acclimatize and shake package before application.

2. Using a 14 mm nylon roller, apply evenly and opaquely to the substrate. Avoid thick layers and puddling. Distribute the primer very well. At the edges, use a brush. On highly absorbent substrates, do not pour directly onto the floor. Apply multiple coats if necessary.

3. Clean tools with water immediately after processing


Approx. 80 – 150 grams per m2. For exact application table, see the product data sheet.

More information?

For more comprehensive product, application, and safety information regarding UZIN PE 360 PLUS Universal Primer, please see the heading “Product Attachments” above.

Additional information

Weight 10,3 kg

Anhydrite with waterproof adhesive residue, Cement screed, Primer

Packaging of KGS

10.00 kg




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