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UZIN RK 37 injection resin
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UZIN RK 37 injection resin


UZIN RK 37 is a 1-component, solvent-free injection resin based on polyurethane and is very suitable for filling hollow spaces under parquet floors.

Field of application

  • filling cavities
  • fixing individual small parquet elements

Suitable for:

  • Cement screeds, calcium sulfate screeds or concrete
  • Substrates with old, well adhering, waterproof adhesive or leveling residues
  • New screwed particle boards P4 – P7 or OSB / 2 – OSB / 4 boards
  • Existing ceramic and natural stone floors, Terrazzo and others.
  • New poured asphalt screeds
  • Systems of dry floor panels, gypsum fiberboards
  • For parquet-suitable levelling compounds
  • UZIN insulating and system subfloors suitable for parquet
  • Hot water underfloor heating

Advantages/characteristics of the product

UZIN RK 37 is a 1-component injection resin for gluing and renovating wood floors, filling hollow areas/hollow sounding areas, fixing individual parquet elements or smaller sub-surfaces. The adhesive with particularly low viscosity cures even at very low amounts of ambient humidity. The foaming effect ensures good filling of cavities. For indoor applications.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Package of KGS

500 grams




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