UZIN U 2100 Dispersion Antiskid Extra
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UZIN U 2100 Dispersion Antiskid Extra


Dispersion anti-slip for carpet tiles with stable felt backing

Description and application:

UZIN U 2100 antiskid extra is a ready-to-use, very low-emission and solvent-free dispersion liquid.

UZIN Ökoline: system of proven, coordinated flooring products with an optimal composition so that “indoor air quality” is not negatively affected. UZIN U 2100 antiskid extra is easy to apply with a foam roller and dries quickly. The dried film is self-adhesive in such a way that this layer provides a strong permanent anti-slip effect. The strength of the anti-slip effect is matched to the installation of self-laying textile floor covering with a polypropylene felt fleece backing or PVC backing. These floor coverings can then be reincorporated at a later date in a simple manner. The suitability of the floor covering for this laying method should be indicated by the supplier. A current-conducting anti-slip coating can be obtained with the addition of UZIN PE 262 L*. If too much is used (e.g. by using a fleece roller) or if the carpet tiles are laid too early in the adhesive film which has not yet completely dried, a permanent bond will be formed. This will cause problems when renovating.

Features/product benefits:

  • Very low consumption.
  • For stable felt fleece backings.
  • Quickly dry and permanently non-slip.
  • Solvent-free.
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS/very low emission.



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