Wilsor Cotton fiber

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check For gluing and repairing wood
check Glue, adheres well to wood
check Easy to sand for a perfect finish

The cotton fibers ensure a rapid thickening of epoxy and polyester resins. The chopped cotton fiber is perfect for epoxy glue and fillets.

Depending on the desired thickness of the paste, add fibers, for adhesive applications from 5%, resulting in a thicker, still liquid and easily spreadable paste. From 15% addition and higher, the resins can be thickened to a thick paste, which is comparable to filler. The amount of cotton fibers can also be added by feel until a desired thickness of the paste is obtained. As a result, weighing is not necessarily necessary. Cotton fiber is an excellent filler for bonding, filling cavities and making fillets. The mixture of cotton fiber and resin is very easy to sand. Cotton fibers are resin-absorbent, but release the resin under pressure, so that when wood is glued, the surface is deeply impregnated. Cotton fibers are also excellent for making larger sized fillets and repairing large holes in wood.

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