Wilsor Epoxy Tix paste putty set 1.5kg


check Good adhesion and virtually no shrinkage
check For bonding different surfaces
check Good resistance to many chemicals

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Epoxy tix paste has been developed for bonding different surfaces. The paste is epoxy based, which is reflected in good adhesion and virtually no shrinkage. Due to its thixotropic (high viscosity) effect, the paste can be applied thickly without sagging. The paste is resistant to prolonged action of water and many other chemicals.


The paste could be used, for example, for gluing teak wood on a yacht. Gluing a bow thruster tube to a ship’s hull. Making fillet connections between different objects. The epoxy tix paste adheres well to:

  • Steel
  • aluminium
  • stone
  • concrete
  • wood
  • polyester
  • epoxy


Provide a grease-free and sanded surface. Remove loose dirt such as rust, paint or rotten wood. Mix the resin (component A) and the hardener (component B) in the weight ratio 2 to 1 on a mixing board. Mix both components well, make sure that the entire paste obtains an even color. At room temperature the processing time is 27 min. The processing time depends on the ambient temperature and the amount that is produced. High ambient temperature and/or large quantities results in a shorter processing time.

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Weight 1,5 kg
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