Wilsor Polyester putty white

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For filling and repairing wood, polyester, stone and metals. Very suitable for boats, car bodies and window frames. The polyester putty is sunlight and rain resistant.

Type of putty

Polyester putty gray : a coarser, very easily sandable soft putty with a high durability. For leveling great depths.

Polyester putty white: a white finishing putty with a fine type of filler for a smoother finish. Polyester putty compared to epoxy putty

Fiber putty : a putty filled with fiberglass to obtain a strong connection.


  • Price
  • Fast curing
  • Mixing ratio not critical


  • -1% shrinkage
  • Characteristic air
  • Not suitable for below the waterline


  1. Sand the damaged part and make sure that it is dry and free of dust and grease.
  2. Add 2% Bp paste hardener and mix everything until a homogeneous color. Amount of hardener is not critical; more harder gives faster curing. However, do not use more than 3% harder otherwise it will affect the possible paint layer. (6cm Bp paste is approx. 1gr from the tube)
  3. After 30 minutes you can sand the surface and paint after 24 hours. Fiber putty cannot be sanded well because of the glass fibres. It is best to finish these with the gray or white polyester putty.

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