Ardex AF155 dispersion adhesive


Special adhesive for elastic coverings.

Dispersion adhesive for bonding elastic wall and floor coverings and textile floor coverings to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Laying floor coverings on a roll reliably: ARDEX AF 155 The special adhesive for elastic coverings. Elastic floor coverings are most often laid in strips. No matter how trouble-free a floor covering may be after it has been installed in use – unevenness in the subfloor is immediately and clearly visible through the covering. ARDEX AF 155 is the specialist for laying floor coverings on a roll. Due to the long embedding time, the covering can preferably be applied in the semi-wet phase. This minimizes the risk of bumps and blisters.

Product Highlights:

  • Wide application spectrum
  • Long adhesion
  • Excellent adhesive contact

Additional information

Package of KGS

11.00 kg